Coulterville California

Two-Hundred and Ninety Acres, OR, 12,632,400 linear feet feet. But inside these 290 acres you’ll find a Cave (Cave Dwellers have not gone all the way to find the end), Ponds, Streams, Dirt Roads and Trails, both Hilly and Flat Acreage, 1800 standing structures, and the list goes on. To put it into prospective, this production property is nearly three-quarter the size of the European county, Monaco. Choosing this location for your film shoot requires *NO* permits. You could have easily seen Major Motion Picture produced here, the likes of Shenandoah, Grown Ups, Grown Ups Two, (but maybe they’ll shoot number three here), Deadwood, Lincoln, The Blair Witch, and most any John Wayne movie you can think of. Here’s the downside, this is off grid. That means, Satellite Phones would be a plus. Upside, no Production Interruptions, wildlife is excluded of course. 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week filming. No noise restrictions, and probably, no speed limit..

✅Farm Ranch
Americana/Anywhere – Cabin – Colonial.

Private Parking for 50 Vehicles

✅ Property Details
290 Acres

Air Conditioning – Hair/Makeup Area

Large Shower Vaulted Ceiling

✅ Location
Mariposa, CA