Wildomar Movie Ranch premiere’s at Hollywood’s Nostalgic Chinese Theater!

5pm, on July 1st the feature-length film, “The girl in the backseat” had its worldwide premiere at the most well-known theater in Hollywood, TCL Chinese Theater, formerly, Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Wildomar Movie Ranch (WMr) could not have wished for a better venue, for a better time, or for a better date to be introduced to the world!

In December of 2020 when for the most part Hollywood was shutdown, the girl in the backseat’s producers learned of WMr through another Hollywood producer. Following a scouting trip by the movie’s writer, lead actress, and director, three of WMr’s location’s were chosen for the movie.

Besides the locations, WMr was called upon to help with casting. WMr was able to help cast nine extras and one featured actor. More than that, the director and writer contracted composer CK Sussman for one of his original musical compositions to be featured in two scenes of the movie. Wildomar Movie Ranch’s owner’s, CK Sussman and Lois E Hoyt did stop and were credited as co-executive producers for all their work.